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ZIGZig Ltd. is founded based on the family tradition of glass making. Way back in 1965, in the center of the glass industry in the ex Yugoslavia in Paracin, a workshop for making decorative items of solid glass began its work, only to grew later into a plant for the production of laboratory and special glass.

Today, we are a specialized company that professionally produces glass products for scientific institutions, chemical and biochemical laboratories, industry, health, pharmaceuticals, transport and others.

Over half a century of experience in the design and processing of glass guarantees that we are able to fulfill most of the requirements of our customers with a wide range. We are famous for our capabilities to design and develop intelligent solutions for the demands and problems of clients, from concept to final product realization. We believe that innovation is a necessity and therefore it is the main driving force for all kinds of our business activities.

With a product line of over 1000 items we are a leading producer of laboratory and special glass in Serbia. The production program includes laboratory, industrial, lighting and signaling, fire protection, architectural glass, and other technical glass. The production facility is equipped with modern equipment and tools, which produces high-quality glass products. Given that we have certified quality system according to ISO 9001:2008, all the products are precisely manufactured, properly heat treated and go through strict procedures before final delivery.

The materials from which products are made in addition to the primary borosilicate glass are quartz, glass-ceramics, semi optical, filter glass and other technical glass. What makes us attractive is the availability of quality products at competitive prices in a short period of time, which leads to significant savings in valuable time and money of our customers. We are happy that the glass continues to be unique and sustainable material for all kinds of research, testing, as well as production and we would like to keep it that way. In the global market, our success depends on satisfied customers.

These pages are intended for you to be acquainted with us and our ability, as well as to help you make the right choices for your glass needs.

ISO 9001:2008

Production of laboratory and technical glass

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