Sight glass discs

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Crossline glass disks are used for visual indication, control, recording and technological processes, with increased pressures, temperatures and aggressive media. Its application is commonly found in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile industries, oil refinery, in mechanical engineering on boilers, reactor vessels, storage tanks, and many other vessels.

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Calculation to determine the thickness of the glass

Minimum glass thickness (mm)
C: Conversion coefficient = 0.55
Dm: The average diameter mm 0.5 x (d1 + d2)
(d1 = glass diameter and seals in mm
d2 = inner diameter of seal in mm)

Permissible operating pressure in bar
S: Coefficient of safety = 5
σ DVZ: minimum value of tensile strength in N / mm 2 

40 N / mm
for glass that are not overstretched
100 N / mm for the glass thermally overstretched

ISO 9001:2008

Production of laboratory and technical glass

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