Laboratory glass

Laboratory glass - Laboratory glass are the most important segment of our production at their volume and variety of products. With more than 1,000 items in production, we offer our customers an outstanding selection of laboratory glass.


Technical Glass

Technical glass – We produce a wide range of specialty glass products for use in the industry. For this purpose we make glass that is resistant to temperatures, thermal shocks, pressure, wear, effects of chemical compounds.



Service - In addition to production, we also offer service and repair of laboratory glass, which greatly extends service life. After receiving the glass or photos of damaged glass we perform an assessment of service charges...



Production of laboratory and technical glass is mainly based on the principle of controlled deformation of red-hot glass. The glass is commonly heated by gas burners to the softening point, and then with the technique of blowing, pressing, bending, fusion comes to the result of the intended shape. Glass is shaped mechanically and manually. Manual work of glass artists with the top burners is very present, who thus produce complex glass apparatus. In addition to heat treatment, we finish with the technologies of grinding, cutting, polishing, drilling, sandblasting, engraving, printing, layering, laminating and hardening. We use many types of glass depending on the customer needs, with special emphasis on borosilicate glass. All the glass that is used as a raw material in production is exclusively made by the best manufacturers of glass material. Thanks to that our products are at the level of quality of the most reputable manufacturers of laboratory and special glass in the world.

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